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Case Studies



Flexible Working, Topic

Top five myths about flexible working

The impact of UK SMEs on the job market recovery has been anything but small. A recent study by the Institute of Public Policy & Research (IPPR) found that the country’s small businesses are collectively responsible for 84% of new…

Cloud Data Solutions, Network Solutions

Cloud Networking for Enterprises

Cloud networking is leveraging cloud services to achieve IT efficiencies not possible with classic network architectures. It enables enterprises to increase capacity without having to make capital investments in additional servers, storage, and networking infrastructure. It provides flexibility and scale,…


The Office isn’t Dead; Just Evolving

Is the office as we know it heading towards a slow extinction…or is it an opportunity for a new ‘frontier’ of advancements in technology and social interaction? The answer is likely a mixture of both outlooks. Today’s technology is rapidly…

Mobile Solutions, Polycom

Mobile Is The New Desktop with BYOD

60% of employees have already used a personal device for work, nearly two-fifths of organizations expect to cease provisioning company-owned handsets by 2016 Consumers & employees increasingly bring their personal smartphones and tablets to work requesting unconditional access to corporate…

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