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About Excell Group

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 The technology landscape in the data world is evolving extremely fast. Leveraging data means working with a strong and innovative technology partner that can help create the right IT architecture that can adapt to changes in the landscape in an efficient manner.

To remain competitive and to keep up with ever-shifting demand, you need a business-class, on-demand networking solution that is easy to deploy, simple to manage, and completely reliable.

Excell’s Cloud network is a private, optimised, secure, and on-demand network, a single solution that addresses the unique needs of UK businesses. Our solutions leverage the intelligence of the Excell Cloud network to deliver the service you need, packaged exactly as you want it.

We began life in 1992 as a family-run business, caring for every client on an individual level and our heritage preserves this ethos today. We’re immensely proud of the fantastic people we have here at Excell. They’re at the heart of our ability to continuously deliver a great customer experience and we fully understand the pivotal role they play in our success. That’s why we believe it’s vital to nurture a culture at Excell that really inspires confidence, rewards the achievements of our people and celebrates the role they play in helping us to deliver our company vision.

Excell is an award-winning cloud communications business. Our role is to provide high quality, high speed and cost effective end-to-end managed services to business clients. We strive to deliver outstanding client care and create long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.

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To find out more about Excell call on 0800 1 959 959, email us or complete the form on the bottom of this page.