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Robust cyber security for your business

No business can afford the cost or disruption that comes with successful cyber attacks. Especially under stringent data protection laws. Sophos security services help secure your company data and protect your business from cyber attacks. It’s a pay-per-user suite of eleven services that you can pick and choose from.

Why choose Sophos security services?

Protection from cyber attacks

Secure all your devices, data, email and web communications with a suite of security products from an award-winning vendor.

Simple to deploy and manage

All the products are deployed and managed through one simple, intuitive, cloud based portal with features like pre-built policy templates.

Meets your compliance needs

Delivers robust protection supporting the Government’s Cyber Essentials for small businesses. Plus helps to get you compliant with GDPR.

Synchronized security

By using more than one Sophos product you can benefit from synchronized security where threat intelligence is shared and acted on.

It’s affordable

It’s a suite of eleven services that you can pick and choose from. Just pay for what you use and charges appear on your monthly bill.

We’ve got you covered

We’re here with the support and advice on getting up and running, managing your security services and fixing any problems.

Protection from a cyber attack


Mobile security & control

An all-in-one way to protect and control your mobile devices, users and data.
Productivity – keeps everyone’s device safe while allowing them to get on with their jobs.
Security – stops malicious apps and rogue WiFi networks undermining your device security.
Compliance – safeguards your customer data as well as your own.

PC, laptop and server security

Keep PCs, laptops & servers safe from ransomware and advanced cyber threats.
Protection – best-in-class security against the latest threats as proven in independent tests.
Productivity – enforces web usage rules and data policies for your people.
Recovery – removes all traces of malware from your systems.
Insight – Providing security posture reporting and quick responses to attacks.

Email Security

Essential tools that lets you use email with complete confidence.
Stronger security – advanced detection technology prevents even the most sophisticated malware.
Office 365 compatibility – provides extra security for core Microsoft productivity tools.
No disruption – keep working even if your cloud email service goes down.
Productivity – keeps everyone’s device safe while allowing them to get on with their jobs.

End-to-end cyber protection

What we haveWhat you get
Sophos Device EncryptionProtects data in case computers are lost or stolen by centrally managing full disk encryption.
Sophos Endpoint AdvancedProtects PCs and laptops from cyber threats, secures data and enforces web usage policies.
Sophos Endpoint Intercept XProtects PCs and Laptops from ransomware and advanced threats.
Sophos Intercept X AdvancedBundles the capabilities of Sophos Endpoint Advanced with Sophos Endpoint Intercept X.
Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDRAdds Endpoint Discovery and Response features for PCs and laptops.
Sophos Mobile AdvancedAn all-in-one solution for managing and securing mobile devices
Sophos PhishThreatTrains users to spot phishing emails with simulated phishing campaigns.
Sophos Server ProtectionProtects virtual and physical servers from cyber threats.
Sophos Intercept X Advanced for ServerProtects virtual and physical servers from ransomware and advanced threats.
Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server with EDRAlso includes Endpoint Discovery and Response features.
Sophos Email AdvancedStops spam, malware, phishing and data loss while providing an emergency email inbox.

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