Non-geographic Numbers

A phone number that tells your customers you are a professional business they can trust

Rather than a phone number being assigned based on location, non-geographic numbers (commonly referred to as NGNs) can be assigned to any existing number. Not only does this make your phone number more memorable, but also gives your business national appeal, helps you break into new local markets, and crucially, makes it affordable for customers to contact your business at any time.

Just a few of the benefits of Excell’s NGN solutions:

  • Access to our market-leading number management portal, offering you self-service tools and full control
  • Ensure your customers can reach you anytime, every time, with Excell’s call-routing capabilities
  • Excellent margins and potential earnings to offset other business overheads
  • A whole host of first-rate call handling features designed to increase call volumes and improve customer experience

Whether you are a small business or global corporation, select an NGN to suit your business

0800 / 0808 Numbers: The caller is not charged to call one of these numbers and the call cost is charged to your business

033 Numbers: A low-cost national business number

030 Numbers: Exclusively available for Government and not-for-profit organisations

0844 Numbers: For organisations who want a national presence. Allow callers to contact you at a low fixed rate without having to subsidise the cost with the option to receive a revenue share on high call volumes

0845 / 0870 Numbers: For organisations who want a national presence, these numbers are recognised as traditional business numbers. Callers are charged a pence per minute and a network access charge.

Local Area Numbers: Win local business with a local presence – available for any town or city across the UK

Inbound call handling functions: supercharge your NGNs with Excell

Call Wallboard

Real-time performance information displayed on a new generation wallboard

Virtual Receptionist

A virtual switchboard to ensure your customers get through to the right person straightaway

Call Statistics

Real-time access to inbound call analytics on Excell’s online portal helps you track performance

Audio Conferencing

Easily connect with three or more people using audio communications

Audio Greeting

Add an audio greet customers, i.e. a welcome message or opening times message

Audio Whisper

A short message which plays when you pick up an incoming call before it connects